Stone Tray Skife


Shipping time: 1-2 weeks

Skife Tray  is a multipurpose product, an irregular polygon in shape, made of black slate. The tray may serve as a cutting board, a serving plate or a trivet.

The surface has been impregnated with a product approved for food contact. It protects it from absorbing liquids and assures safe meal consumption. The underlayer made of cork prevents scratches. 

Materials: impregnated black slate, cork

Dimensions: 25-30 cm (9 4/5"- 11 4/5") x 20-25 cm (7 7/8 - 9 4/5") x 1,5-2 cm (2/3" - 4/5")

Slate is a natural material. Uneven surface reveals its character, therefore every piece is unique.

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