Light Brown Ceiling-Mounted Leather Strap Lade Maxi #2 - 2 pieces


Shipping time: 3-5 days

Ceiling-Mounted Leather Straps allow you to create a custom ceiling-mounted clothing rack or to hang your curtain rod from the ceiling. All you need is a metal or a wooden bar or a rod to go through the loops and two hooks in the ceiling. Lade Maxi #2 is made of natural leather in light brown.

The straps are versatile, because the bar can be any length and any colour you wish. We make the loops fit a bar/rod that has a diameter of ~2,5 cm (~1"), but please contact us if you need it to be different.

This set consists of 2 leather straps with rivets and rings.

- vegetable-tanned cowhide, 3-4 mm (1/8") thick
- metal ring and rivets in gold


- 35 mm (1 3/8") wide

It is available in four lengths:

- 10 cm (4") long - designed for curtain rod
- 25 cm (10") long - designed for curtain rod
- 60 cm (23 3/5") long - designed for clothing rack
- 90 cm (35 2/5") long - designed for clothing rack

Leather is a precious material. For it to age beautifully, it should be taken care of with proper leather care products.

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